End of Year New Bow Special…..

End of year Special!!!!
15% off all new bows in stock!
If there is one you want, but can’t afford the whole thing right now, you can leave a 50% deposit on it.
Ask Mike for more details. We have a HUGe selection in stock right now, but they won’t last long with this Discount.
Hurry in, HO Ho Ho!!!!
Merry Christmas from River Valley Outfitters!

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Obsession Delta 6 in Special Ops Stormy Hardwoods finish 29″ Draw Lenth 70#

Just got this in today! It’s ready to be your’s!

Obsession bows are Amazing, and hard to get your hands on with deliver times of 8-16 weeks as ALL their bows are considered custom orders.

Come in and check it out first hand, The coloration is more impressive in person then pictures can show.

Don’t think this bow will last very long, so, don’t Wait.

Price on this bow is $959.00 if picked up from the shop,
Actual shipping if we need to send it to you.

image1 image2 image3 image4 image5 image6

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New Bow in Mind this year? Now is the time!

Well, the weather in finally taking a turn, and that means it’s time to get Excited for Bow Hunting and the 3D tournaments.

We have in the New Bowtech Prodigy and the Boss for you to come in and try out right now! (bring your Release)

The new Boss and Prodigy have the new Power Shift (r) Technology Dual Binary Cams.


Also, We are a Obsession Bow Retailer. You’ve heard all the Hype, but come in and see for yourself how nice these bows are.obcession-bows-logo

We currently have one Phoenix at the shop for you to try, and we have a few different models on color schemes on order, but due to Obsessions Popularity, Deliver is very Slowwwwwww. phoenix
So, if your wanting a custom color setup We HIGHLY suggest you come in, tell us what you want EXACTLY and get it ordered.
Obsession bows are anywhere from 2-3+ months out on custom orders. They have 7 colors to choose from on the Risers, 4 different color Cams to choose from and 8 different bows to choose from, which is why they are so popular and why they are SO slow to deliver, as I’m sure you can imagine.

We have 6 bows on order right now and hopefully we’ll have them in shortly! (Fingers Crossed)

If you have a Old Commander Bowtech you’ve been sitting on a while, and looking to get rid of, bring it in and we’ll see what we can do for a trade-in on it. Kevin is currently looking for one so now would be the time to trade it in.

If You’re looking to spice up your bow, or need new strings, we can get you some custom strings and cable for your bow by Second to None Bow Strings, Turn around time is about 8 days and you can pick pretty much any color combination you want.

2nd1 2nd2


Stop on in, and Talk to Mike about all your Hunting Needs!


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ATTENTION ALL HUNTERS!!! less then 8 days left……

Holy Buckets!!

“Holy buckets, Less then 8 days!? I’m glad River Valley Outfitters is so well stocked with all my Hunting needs and reminded me to check my Gear! Thanks Mike! “

We’re fully stocked on new bows, and accessories to get you setup in time for the big day!
We’ve also got a great selection of Cross bows in stock as well.
Need Ammo, Yep, we’ve got that too!
Need a New D-Loop, Peep tube, Bow Tuned, New String, Arrows, Fletchings Redone….. Don’t wait till it’s to late!
Get your favorite Hunting equipment out, check it, and make sure everything is good to go,
We’ve got Tree Ladders, Ladder Stands, Tree Stands, Calls, Cover Scents, Scent Killers, Safety Equipment,
We’ve got plenty of what you need, ready to go, or we can get it in within a day or two so DON’T WAIT!

You’ve already waited this long, don’t wait till it’s to late to get that Big Ole Critter you’ve had your eye on!!!


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We’ve got ….. LEECHES!!!!!

leeches_mainThats Right Everyone, We’ve got Leeches for your Fishing needs (of course)!

Leeches in Many sizes available from Small to JUMBO!!!

Plenty of Night Crawlers, Red Worms and other goodies for your fish’n bait needs!

Stop on by and see what else we’ve got!

Largest Selection in the Area,  If you don’t find it, We can probably get it for you!

Like us on our Facebook page and Follow us there to get these updates on your new feed as well.





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Site update….. April 15th 2014

Check out “The Shop” page for pictures of the inside of the store.

Click on the first thumbnail image, and it will load that image, There will be a >> in the bottom corner of the picture, click that and it’ll take you to the next image in the set.

Images are pretty big, so give them time to load.


Coming soon…….
Online Shopping!!!!!!!  (We’re working on it)


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Website Up!

247881_222752401077652_999101_nso, we have some pictures up in a new gallery here on the site with more to come.

If you’d like to get your pics added, send them to us on facebook and we’ll do what we can to get them up here on the site for all to enjoy.

Click the facebook link at the top of this website to visit our facebook page. Give us a Like so you can get posts from us on your news feed with any specials we’re running etc.

The sites coming along finally, give us time and we’ll add some more to it.

Thanks everyone for you business, and support!


River Valley Outfitters

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RVOlogoWelcome to River Valley Outfitters!

Located in Wabasha Minnesota near by the wonder and active Mississippi river, in the town most notorious for it’s Grump Old Men movie history, and American Eagle Center,  Wabasha offers great River Access, and some of the  most beautiful landscapes.

We offer a great selection of Fishing & Hunting supplies with full service Gun smithing and Archery Bow Technician work.

We are tucked away just off the highway just down the road from Cabbage Patch Nursery & Green houses

For our size, we have a Huge selection to choose from, so stop on by and check us out!

Check us out on Facebook!  Click >Here<

River Valley Outfitters

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